The Allure of Living Jewelry

Many people have been approaching me lately about the Living Jewelry FAÉM is offering to the world. And I keep hearing the same question: “What’s Living Jewelry, anyway?”

Basically, Living Jewelry is a pioneering, imaginative style of self-expression. Living Jewelry isn’t just something you wear, it’s a way of demonstrating tech savviness. By incorporating the latest advances in interactive responsive technologies the wearer dazzles any admirer who comes near. And this is all happening in Gyumri, Armenia, the country’s second largest city that is emerging as a high-tech hotbed of creativity and AI development. In other words, the emergence of Living Art is centered in Armenia and it isn’t being manufactured anywhere else in the world. FAÉM’s mission is to bring new, high-end luxury jewelry to the global market and make Living Jewelry an elite experience for top-end consumers.

FAÉM is the first company to offer original, thought provoking pieces combining art and technology to create extraordinary living, wearable pieces of art. Each piece of jewelry reacts to an observer's behavior and interacts with the wearer, creating an experience with the jewelry that lives with you. They also produce movement, sound, and light, depending on the environment and venue space. So the jewelry pieces aren’t just objects, they offer a unique experience to both the wearer and the spectator. We expect to be one of the pioneers in introducing this concept and creating a product that will be a strong basis for Gyumri’s future economic success.

The Living Jewelry collection intends to present a variety of aesthetic and interactive designs so that each piece conveys a unique message. This innovative and exclusive product is intended for the sophisticated buyer who understands the work’s artistic, technological and philosophical undertones. Although examples of digital jewelry exist, they don’t feature responsive digital technologies and they don’t employ the same quality high-end artistic design. So FAÉM is presenting a competitive product in an undefined industry that has no comparable firm.

FAÉM currently has five one-of-a-kind Living Jewelry pieces available for showing.

Weight of Lightness features a dancing ballerina that hangs on the wearer as an earring.

The Breath of the Stone necklace is set with unique, handpicked polished stones with a pendant in its center. When someone approaches the person wearing the piece the lights flicker in reaction to hand or body movement. The lights also react to fluctuations in environmental sound volumes.

There’s also a square silver and glass pendant called Harmony, which features an intuitive TFT screen that displays designs in reaction to the admirer’s arrival.

Meeting of Souls is a bracelet shaped like a labyrinth. It’s inscribed with a kind of map of routes through a city.

Finally, Taking Flight is a large, asymmetric necklace adorned with lights and features a spectacular brass butterfly that flutters its wings in reaction to an admirer.

FAÉM is offering unique works of wearable, interactive art to the international jewelry marketplace. I feel so privileged to be a part of this new trend that is sure to take the world by storm.